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Team London
team comm of Torchwood Land
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14th-May-2011 12:26 am - DISCUSSION CHALLENGE POST
w13-Claduia side
 So, for our DISCUSSION CHALLENGE, we're going to discuss Jack. So post gifs/videos/discuss your favorite moments/anything about Jack. Just keep the spam going. And remember the rules:

Gifs, pics, videos are all allowed.

Each comment should have at least one response -- this is a discussion, agents!

Any comment that contains gifs, pics, or vids does not require words (but they're totally allowed). Comments without them should be at least three words long.

Keep comments relevant to the character your team chose.

12th-Apr-2011 09:55 am - Welcome!
Daredevil - Matt
Welcome to teamlondon, a team comm of torchwoodland!

Torchwood 1, also known as Canary Wharf, located in London, was destroyed in the opening of the void at the end of Season 2 of Doctor Who. Care to play there? Want to participate in interactive challenges in the new land comm, torchwoodland? Please read the rules and apply here.

Your team mod is palm__tree!
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